Communiqué #1

C’est Sophie. Comment allez-vous? I amvery happy to announce my new and improved French tutoring Communiqué “newsletter”, C’est Formidable! Sophie’s French Tutoring Communiqué. I know some of you have received correspondence before, this is similar and I know you will love it! The Communiqué is a concise monthly. During the semester Communiqué will offer students helpful study tips and act as milestone marker for exams and summaries. Each communiqué will be constructed around the same theme offering information to my present and past students. For those who haven’t heard from me a while lots of French information to keep you up to date and to let you know how you can get in touch with me.

Dans cette édition…

  • Fête de la Bastille
  • Verbes de l’Edition
  • French Puzzle
  • MOI au contact ^_^
  • Sage étudié


Fête de la Bastille Bastille Day, 16 July, is the French National Day and is a huge celebration in France and for the entire French community. It is a day of historic significance and ergo the national celebration. It commemorates the Fete de la Federation which celebrates the storming of the Bastille fortress prison during the revolution. This resulted in the over-throw of the monarchy and the freedom of the people. Festivities and official ceremonies are held across France and abroad. The oldest is the military parade held along the Champs-Elysées in Paris with French dignitaries, the President, Pres. Sarkozy and foreign guests. Furthermore there is a parade by the French Republican Guard. Mais comment célébré la fête de la Bastille en Australie ? I hear you ask. Well there are many ways you can celebrate. I will of course bring along some French delights to our next French tutoring lesson. You can celebrate with friends at school or with your family by taking a trip to your local patisserie or boulangerie for some petit fours, éclairs, croissants and or some pain au chocolat. Miam miam ! Also make sure make time for a café or a glass of Perrier when you are there and enjoy a chat.

Verbes de l’Edition One of the most important segments in the communiqué will be the Verbes de l’Edition aka Verbs of the Edition, sans doute. Verbs are the building blocks of being able to communicate in French. So there are many verbs that you should re-familiarise yourself with every week. I can help by providing a few verbs per edition and pointing out their meanings etcetera. Bonne idée, non? Why not start the first edition with the 5 most important verbs in for your French Learning! A recap on these never goes astray.


Etre To be

Avoir To have

Aller To go

Faire To make/ to do

VoulloirTo want





































French Puzzle (present and past tense options) Nous ________  allées à la café hier. J’____  bu un café au sucre et Severine ____ mangé un gateaux au chocolat. Aujourd’hui nous ________ du tennis chez moi. Je _____ chercher pour mon racket. Pour demain Xavier ____ dit qu’il _______  aller encore au cafe pour acheter le meme gateaux chocolat de Severine.


MOI au contact ^_^ Je suis disponsible most afternoons/ evenings and on Saturdays for tutoring. Please contact me for further information and to arrange a lesson.


Sage étudié French study tips is another useful inclusion in the communiqué. This week make sure to check the French news online or on SBS television. Current events in France will always help with learning and one should really try to be exposed to as much French audio per week as possible. You can catch Le Journal de 20h on the France2 website at Sage Conseil: When watching the Le Journal always have a pen and pad with you and take down as many notes as you can including all the words that you recognise. Be sure to bring the notes with you to our next lesson and any questions you have!


Bonne Courage Mes Etudiants

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