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Hello French Fries. C’est Sophie. Comment allez-vous? This month we talk about all things Political. The French Presidential Elections are coming up in 2012. We look at French domestic issues, the countries international relations and popular issues.

Moreover we look at France’s influence across the world. As many of you are studying about France’s colonial past and the Francophone world. Some of you have already come across France’s cinema industry.

Be sure to read through this month’s Communiqué for helpful hints and inspiration.

Dans cette édition…

  • French Politics
  • Verbs de l’Edition
  • Poltico Quiz
  • Mot de Jour
  • Sage etudie
  • Moi au Contact

French Politics

As we learnt last month, France is a celebrated republic after having risen up against the monarchy during the revolution. The national motto of France is Liberté, égalité et fraternité. France has a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The head of state is the President and the Prime Minister of France is the head of the government.

France has always observed a left-right political distinction. There is a historical association however due to the revolution with the term droite “right” and monarchism, conservative or right-wing parties. These parties tend to avoid describing themselves as right-wing. France is widely thought as a particularly socialist country, especially since the revolution and their reputation for strong social benefits and high government involvement and regulation.


France is a unitary state however administrative subdivision exists in regions, departements and communes. Today there are two major parties, the right wing Union pour un Mouvement Populaire UMP headed by Nicolas Sarkozy and the left wing Parti Socialiste PS headed by Martine Aubry. The French presidential election is to be held 22 April 2012. You can keep up to date with election news by reading Le, watching Le Journal de France2 and following the major policies and issues.

Verbes de l’Edition


dire To say

voir To see

écouter To listen

falloir To be necessary

pouvoir To can/ be able to
































Politico Quiz (English & Francais)

1. France’s national motto is Liberté, _________ et fraternité.

2. Le Président de la République est élu pour combien des années ? 4, 5 ou 7 ans

3. President Nicolas Sarkozy is the leader of which party ? The Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) or le Parti Socialiste (PS)

4. Qui est responsable pour nomme le Premier Minister: le Parlement ou le President ?

5. Le principal parti écologiste en France: c’est Le Parti Socialiste ou Les Verts ?

6. A popular French News comedy program, Les Guignols de l’Info, is broadcast on Canel Plus ? Vrai ou Faux


Mots de Jour: Words of the Day

L’inondation: Flood (f. noun). Les inondations en Australie étais horribles après beaucoup de pluie cet année. (The floods in Australia were horible after a lot of rain that year).

Le clavier : keyboard (m. noun). Il es impossible de taper les accents avec ce clavier, on doit utiliser un clavier francais. (It is impossible to type accents with this kb, one must have a french kb).

Conseil: advice (m. noun) advice, warning or also assemblée meaning council. Je te donne un petit conseil, jamais aller tout seul et sans ton portable quand le soleil est si brille. C’est dangereux. (I give you a little advice, never go all by yourself with out your phone when the sun is this bright. It is dangerous).


Sage étudié

Wise up study tip. To practice some of the French political skills you have now acquired. Head to Le and scan the online paper for topics that interest you. Then using your now handy dandy notepad write down how the government is currently addressing the issue, also note any international relations stories. N’equite pas de faire beaucoup de revision over this weeks theory learnt in class. See if you have any questions and bring them up next week with me or your teacher.


MOI au contact ^_^

Je suis disponsible most afternoons/ evenings and on Saturdays for tutoring. Please contact me for further information and to arrange a lesson.


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Bonne Courage Mes Etudiants

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