Test your listening

With a focus on French Politics here is a useful video featuring  l’ancien Premier Ministre Dominique de Villepin. Videos such as this are great learning tools. Not only will you attune your ear to the beautiful language which is French you will undoubtedly be more knowledgeable in all things related to French Politics and prominent social issues.

Here is a video of Dominique de Villepin interviewed on France 24 by Roselyne Febvre. Have your note pad ready and be sure to jot down any key words you pick up and prevalent themes discussed. After you have watched the video and made notes go back and re-watch the clip. This time see if you are able to answer the questions below.


  1. What is the name of Dominique de Villepin’s new book? Can you explain what it is about?
  2. Dominique de Villepin mentions the President of France, can you recall what he talks about?
  3. Who does Dominique de Villepin mention in the first half of the video besides Nicolas Sarkozy?
  4. Roselyne Febvre asks a M. de Villepin about the President of the United States. She compares President Obama with President Sarkozy. She also states characteristics between the two. Can you note some key points from Roselyne Febvre in her question and in the response from M, de Villepin?
  5. What does M. de Villepin say in regards to China?
  6. What is M. de Villepin’s opinion on the French economy and the spirit of France?

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