Communiqué 4

Salut mes étudiants. C’est Sophie. Comment allez-vous ? This edition of C’est Formidable we take a look French cinema. French cinema is my personal favourite genre of cinema, mais bien sûr of course! French cinema and perhaps the European film industry in general embodies a unique flair. This flair is particularly noticeable when compared to mainstream English speaking films. Some notable differences include the sensual and intimate nature of the main characters involved. For instance, French cinema centres around personal connections, stories and moments rather than a deeply intriguing and involved plots, long winded conversation, action and or special effects. So typically expect some of the French films you come across to be described as perhaps art-house.


My love for France and the French language is in part thanks to their film industry. Well I did fall in love with it. Watching a French film is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to learn the language and more about France and its culture. There are many classic French films that anyone learning French can enjoy.

In this edition we will explore the French film industry. Après reading the Communiqué I suspect you will feel the urge to delve into some French films. Alors, I have included some interesting titles that will interest you! But stay tuned for a follow up post with some video links.

Dans cette édition…

  • Bienvenue et Merci
  • French cinéma
  • Verbes de l’edition
  • Quiz du Ciné
  • Comedien(ne) du jour
  • Sage étudié
  • Moi au contact

Bievenue et Merci à vous tous. I would like to welcome all my new readers who have recently joined the C’est Formidable Communiqué email list! Also, to thank all those who have continued to support the newsletter. I would like to extend a merci for your continued fidelité. I hope you all enjoy this issue!

French Cinéma

French cinema has a great deal of international respect and a loving and loyal audience both in France and throughout the world. French cinema has a rich history of well renowned and respected films and professionals. As a result, France holds the Festival de Cannes every year for a week in May and awards Césars. Many French film actors and actresses start out in theatre, working their craft in front of a live audience. Some well-known French films stars or as they are called in France, les grandes vedettes de cinéma, include Gerard Depardieu, Juliette Binoche, Audrey Tautou, Romain Duris, Jean Reno and Guillaume Cane.


One of my favourite French films of all time, for which I have watched on numerous occasions, is of course Le Fabulexu Destin d’Amélie Poulain or simply known as Amélie staring the adorable Audrey Tautou. The film is romantically set in Montmartre and is a whimsical depiction of Parisian life. If you haven’t seen this film, I recommend it as a must ! Other significant cultural French films for which I adore and encourage you to watch as part of your learning and loving of the language include Paris, Paris je t’aime, La Vie en Rose, Le dîner de cons, Les Misérables and the comedy Bienvenue chez le Ch’tis ! After the success of the film Amélie in non-French speaking countries, French films just keep getting better and more and more French films are selling abroad, so keep your yeux et vos oreilles ouverts et attentifs.


Q : Pouvez-vous penser de quelques films français ? Quel est votre film préféré et pourquoi ? Qui est le comédien ou la comédienne que vous  préférez ? Moi, vous avez déjà su que mon film préféré est Amilie mais mon comédienne préfére, c’est Juliette Binoche !

Verbes de l’Edition


Nager To swim

Savoir To know somthing

Connaitre To know someone

Croire To believe

Demander To ask





































Cinématique Quiz (English & Francais)

1. Jean-Luc Godard once said I pity the French Cinema because it has no money. I pity the American Cinema because it has no ideas. Vrai ou Faux

2. The French Film Festival is held where? Paris, Nice or Cannes?

3. Pour quel film est Audrey Tautou le plus célèbre ?

4. Gérard Depardieu a gagné le prix de « Best Actor » pour le film Green Card. Vrai ou Faux


5. Quelle actrice française a reçu un oscar pour sa rôle dans Le Patient anglais ? Juliette Binoche ou Catherine Deneauve ?

6. Quel type de dîner organise Thierry Lhermitte dans un film très célèbre français ? Un dîner de cons, un dîner de beaufs ou un dîner de moches ?

7. Quelle actrice française a reçu un oscar pour sa rôle dans La Vie en Rose ? Marion Cotillard ou Audrey Tautou ?

Comedien(ne) du Jour : Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou was born in Beaumont in France and is the star of Amélie, the film for which she is best known. Audrey has been the darling of French cinema ever since. She also stared in Coco avant Chanel, Hors de Prix (Priceless) with Gad Elmaleh, A Very Long Engagement, Ensemble C’est Tout and The Da Vinci Code. Audrey’s favourite authors are Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and Tristan Tzara. She was brought up attending church although now is “not officially” a Catholic. Audrey reportly takes pictures of each interviewer and keeps them in a scrapbook !


Sage étudié

Wise up study tip. To practice your French skills make sure your study routine focuses on a diverse range of mediums. Speaking conversation, listening, reading, grammar and writting. Get involved in researching your favourite aspects of France or French culture to learn more about them. Get passionate and a passion. Start off by wiseing up on cinéma français, you can’t go wrong. Go to your local Video Store, head straight to the foreign film section. There will no doubt be a range, albeit perhaps small, of French films old and new. Moreover check the DVD’s you already have some of them have the language option of French with English or French subtitles, they have be dubbed and you didn’t even realise ! This is also a really great way to learn, television DVD’s such as Scrubs, Friends, NCIS and True Blood are often available in French so check the back of the DVD out and get watching. (Handy tip, because you’ve already watched the episodes in English, watching in French will be easier) Amuse-toi bien !


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MOI au contact ^_^

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Merci pour votre attention et Bon Courage

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