Édition Spécial du Coup de Monde de Rugby

C’est Formidable !

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Édition Spécial du Coup de Monde de Rugby

The Rugby World Cup Special Edition

The Rugby World Cup has been taking place in New Zealand with teams from rugby playing nations around the world taking part. France is one of those countries and in a big way.

France plays the New Zealand All Blacks in Final. The country of France is particularly excited about the Final.

If you read the French Newspapers online you will likely come across much rugby news as France deals with the excitement.

Here is a Rugby Quiz from the French Newspaper Le Monde. Please test your rugby knowledge and French reading ability.



How did you go in the test? I hope you were able to understand the questions. Even if you got the answers wrong, knowing what they were asking is whole point! Bravo !

For more reading practice head to the sport section of Le Monde regularly. See here an article from Le Monde that discusses the French National Rugby Team and the Rugby World Cup in relation to winning ugly, that is gagner salement.


In 2007 France hosted the Rugby World Cup, here is a clip where you can the France National Team in action at the last world cup:

Watch here a clip of the French Coach discuss the Rugby World Cup in a television interview: Marc Lièvremont: Selectionneur de l’Equipe de France de rugby

As it was mentioned above France are in the Final for the Rugby World Cup and is considered quite an achievement for the French team who were yet to produce spectacular performances on the pitch according to some commentators. The French media are dealing with the folly of being in the Final.

For the French national team to be playing the All Blacks in the Final it is a recreation of the very first international Rugby World Cup held in 1987 in Auckland between those same sides. There is a lot of history between the two teams and much respect.

Please see the following video, entitled: Coup de Monde de Rugby 2011: Préparation de l’équipe de France pour le match des Blacks. A press conference from the team with their preparation for the Final.

See here a motivational video of the French National Team and what it means for them to be competing in the World Cup.

The Rugby World Cup offers a great occasion to explore the Rules of Rugby. Please watch the following video that has the rules explained by one of the French National Team players!

Here also is a further guide of explanation. Please click here to the PDFdocument. http://www.rfi.fr/lffr//images/141/FP_regles_rugby.pdf

A recent debate conducted by France 2 (L’info de 20 Heur Week-End de Vendredi 21 Octobre) discussed the difference between Rugby players and Football (soccer) players and somewhat controversially looking at a stereotypical view of the differences between the two. It was discovered that 60% of the public polled prefer Rugby or as the French say les Rugbymen to the 40% who prefer soccer, that is le football.

Some notable quotes from the French Public included the following:

<<Bien sûr que le rugby. Les joueurs de foots, ils ne sont pas bien, ils reçu leur tout le temps, ils sont payés beaucoup trop cher à mon avis donc j’aime les joueurs de rugby.>>

<<Plutôt, Plutôt, le foot. Pourquoi ? C’est plus simple, les régules sont plus simple, c’est plus universelle, mon enfant il joue avec un ballon, il joue le foot, voilà. La manière de rugby c’est un peu plus complexe>>

<<Ah, à moi, c’est très claire, rugby. Pourquoi ? Parce que je trouve que le rugbyman sont plus règles>>


<<C’est le respect, le rugby sont plus respectueux des valeurs que le foot>>

<<C’est deux catégories diffèrent, le foot c’est ouvrir à tout le monde. Le rugby j’ai l’impression que c’est ça à la quand même>>


<<Ouais, je sais bien que ce pour est. Le rugby c’est les médicine, les pharmaciens, la outre côté de la banlieue.>>

The studio France 2 panel hosted by…. included Daniel Herrero (Ancien entraineur du Ric Toulon) noted that Rugby players have a higher sense of sportsmanship. Playing in a team it is all about the group effort and not about the individual. He states that this brings about a sort of solidarity between the players and is essential to rugby. Apart from that the second most important thing about rugby according to Daniel is the respect.


Other panelists included Eugene Saccomano (Journaliste) who stated that is difficult to point out the values of football that would be different to the values of any other sport. Respect is also key like in all forms of sport.

Football is more popular. He says to be frank, rugby is played in the most prestigeous arrondisments of Paris only and then of course in the South West of France. Therefore there is a formation totally different to football. One that is played out in the suburbs, football. And the other which is played from wealthier homes.


The host then goes to show an exert from the England V France semi Final match where the French team salute the English team and vise versa after the match, illustrating great respect. He asks the panellists why is happens and sometimes not in football.

Vikash Dhorasoo (Ancien footballeur international) responds this a sort of custom from the federation of rugby. Daniel interjects claiming that is a cultural custom and historical because the two teams have a great history as does the game of rugby. The debate was a great lead up to a week-end where the French will be preparing for the Final. It ended with predictions of the match and they all hope that French win, evidently.

I hope you learn more about French culture and their love of sport.

Finally please see the front page here of the French Newspaper L’Equipe that lists 50 reasons the French should wake up and watch the Final of the World Cup.


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  1. ladorable says:

    Beaucoup de respect pour le match des Français, je suis très fier de leur effort ! Bravo et vive la France !

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