Travel Tips I: Airports and Trains

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Sophie’s French Tutoring Communiqué

January 2012 Issue #6

Bonjour à tous ! Bonne année et bonne santé pour 2012 !

I have arranged a few essential vocabulary, phrases and hints for when you arrive in France, these relate to the airporttrainmetroasking for directions and others things you may need to know up until you are all settled in at your hotel or apartment.

S’il vous plaît, see the lists below.

Quick Tip !

Print off a copy of this blog entry! Have these words, phrases and advice handy for when you arrive. A quick perusal is calming for your nerves !

Airport Table I

Anglais Français
exit La sortie
baggage claim Récupération de bagages
toilets Les toilettes
lounge un salon
on time à l’heure
departure Le départ
delayed retardé
escalator escalator
information desk bureau d’information
cue queue
dangerous items Les articles/ objets dangereux
terminal terminale
Paris International Airport Aéroport Charles de Gaulle
train station Gare de train

Airport Table II

immigration l’immigration
luggage Bagages, valise
gate La porte
row rangée
arrival l’arrivée
late en retard
stop over escale
transport transports
money exchange échange d’argent
line En ligne
passport passeport
declare Proclaimer, déclarer
transit le transport
Paris Domestic Airport Roissy Aeroport
metro station Gare de metro

Time Zone

  • Paris and France is aligned to the Central European Time
  • Paris is 9 hours behind Brisbane
  • Brisbane is 9 hours ahead of Paris
  • Sneaky Tip ! if you are in Brisbane add 3 hours to your current time and then think of the opposite. For example: Brisbane Time 9 am + 3 hours = 12. Now put this in reverse, i.e. if it is day time/ morning or night, so it is therefore 12 midnight in Paris.
  • Sneaky Tip ! if you are in Paris subtract 3 hours from your current time and then think of the opposite. For example: Paris Time 11am – 3 hours = 8. Now opposite to Paris so it is therefore 8pm at night on that day as Brisbane is ahead.
Musée d’Orsay, Paris


  • Line up in the All Passports section
  • There is also a line for European passport holders
  • Have your passport and boarding pass ready
  • It is not necessary but if needed you should know your address for housing during your time in France as well your period of time to spend in Paris, this is normal for most immigration processes, however in France it is unlikely you will be asked these questions

Money exchange

  • After immigration and while you wait for your baggage you will see a foreign exchange boutique
  • You are able to exchange money here or quite simply take money out from the ATM at the Travelex ATM which is the most convenient way to go about things
  • If you are confident in the exchange rate not being too volatile taking money out as you go is the best way
  • A MasterCard, Visa, American Express or a normal bank card to access money in Paris is easily done via ATM
  • No fees are generally associated with a credit or debit card if you use an ATM associated with your bank, however there is always a charge associated with a normal cirrus bank card
  • Find out who your local bank is aligned with globally, for instance Westpac is aligned with BNP Paribas and Barclays
  • You can find out more with your bank for instance here is an information PDF from the Commonwealth Bank


  • The train network runs along the same line as the metro network only it extends further as well
  • To catch the train to the city centre from the airport follow the signs Paris by Train
  • You need to catch the B2 train to Châtelet (1st arrondissement), depending on where you are going; however this train takes you to the most central part of Paris. Châtelet doubles as a metro station
  • You need to then walk down the metro level, which is below the train level to catch a connect metro to wherever you need to go
  • If you are to hop off the train here and walk to the street you will find yourself outside of the Ile-de la cite, Rue de Rivoli and place du Châtelet
  • Tickets for the train you can buy from the airport, as the airport and trains are connected
  • The machines are also in English, you can pay via credit card or cash
  • Ticket (billet) to the city costs 9,10 Euro
  • for more details
  • Note the green and purple machines in the second image below for purchasing your tickets


  • Métro ticket machines are available on the platform, you need a ticket before you can access the metro platform area, these cost 1€70
  • You pass the ticket through the gate, you will need to careful with your luggage here as the gates are not very big, but it is still fine
  • Quick Tip ! Be ready for your métro and train stops a few ahead, you can check your stop along the line poster inside the carriage. The trains are fast so stand up with your luggage a stop or two before so you are able to easily exit.

Asking for directions/ getting help

  • Always start off with a smile, you are in Paris ! everything will be okay if you are lost, just remind yourself of this and how far you have traveled to get here, getting to your hotel is a breeze compared to that,
  • Parisians are perhaps known as being cold people, however they are extremely polite and well mannered
  • You will always hear a French person say pardon for walking past you in a hurray or something similar, s’il vous plait et merci, as well as titles of respect such as Madame and Monsieur and Mademoiselle

Stay tuned for Part II with more information and tips relating to arriving and traveling to France !

Restez au courant pour la deuxieme partie avec plus d’informations et des conseils relatifs pour votre arrival à Paris et se rendre en France !


Merci and please leave a comment or share this blog !

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