Annual Bread Festival. Le Fête du Pain.

The annual Fête du Pain, Bread Festival occurs in France in May. It is a time to celebrate fresh, fabulous and fantastic French bread. Have a look at the videos below. This week, why not go and seek some fresh French bread from a reputable boulangerie in your area! Now, thanks to Fête du Pain, you have no excuse not to enjoy some French delights.


For inspiration please see the videos below. As well, here are some French bread ideas: classic French sandwich on a baguette (try ham and Camembert), sliced baguette and confiture (i.e., jam) or something like a Croque-monsieur (toasty cheese sandwich) or Croque Madame (toasty cheese with an egg on top) used with a pain de campagne (sourdough) or Vienna loaf.

Paris Fête du Pain (Festival of Bread)

Fête du Pain 2012 – Paris

2 Comments Add yours

  1. JANE says:

    wonderful story about the best food……..Bread!

    1. sophieark says:

      merci gentiment/thank-you kindly Jane :-)) really happy you enjoyed the article. Fresh bread without preservatives, such as traditional French bread, are always best.

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