Future Tense


Le Futur

The future tense in French is equivalent to the adding the modal verb « will » in English, e.g., I will eat lunch at 1pm today. (Je mangerai le déjeuner à 13heurs aujourd’hui)

To express the future tense in French, the verb is conjugated accordingly. It is one of the most simple French tenses.

Here is how to form the future tense

Subject Pronoun + future stem of verb & verb ending

Future Stems

ER verbs = use the infinitive (whole verb)

IR verbs = the infinitive

RE verbs = the infinitive minus the E

Future Verb Endings

Je – ai

Tu – as

Il, elle, on – a

Nous – ons

Vous – ez

Ils, elles – ont

Par exemple / For example

Nous partirons pour Paris la semaine prochaine. / We will leave for Paris next week.

Elle se réveillera tôt au matin pour son entrainement de la natation. / She will wake up early in the morning for her swimming training.

Irregular French Verb Stems in the Future Tense

Infinitive English Future Stem
Etre To be Ser
Avoir To have Aur
Aller To go Ir
Faire To do / to make Fer
Devoir To have to Devr
Pouvoir To be able to Pour
Savoir To know Saur
Recevoir To receive Recvr
Venir To come Viendr
Envoyer To send Enverr
Acheter To buy Acheter
Essayer To try Essayer

Verbs that are to follow the rule of –re verbs include:

Boire To drink
Croire To believe
Conduire To drive
Dire To say
Ecrire To write
éteindre To switch off
Mettre To put in place
Prendre To take
suivre To follow

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