basic phrases

  1. Bonjour! Hello! / Good Morning!
  2. Au revoir! Goodbye! (The e in Au revoir is not pronounced – There are only 2 syllables)
  3. Salut! Hi! / Bye! (The t in Salut is not pronounced)
  4. Bonsoir! Good evening!
  5. Désolé! Sorry!
  6. Pardon! Pardon me! / Excuse me! (Do not pronounce the n at the end of pardon)
  7. Merci! Thanks! / Thank you!
  8. Ça va? How are you? You’re ok? (the ç is pronounced like s )
  9. Oui. Yes. (Pronounced as the English word ‘wee’)
  10. Non. No. (Do not pronounce the last n)
  11. Du coup, meaning as a result
  12. Donc, so, therefore
  13. D’ailleurs, anyways
  14. dis-donc, you don’t say



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