Manquer (to miss)


The verb Manquer is a reflexive verbs and works backwards. The verb ‘manquer’ means to miss. Pour exemple: Vous me manquez, translates literally to You are being missed by me. in other words, I miss you.

To describe your feelings of missing a place, pour exemple, Paris, works in the same fashion. Paris me manque.

“Manquer” works backwards. It translates to “To be missed.” Thus, when you say “Tu me manques,” the literal translation is “You are being missed by me.”

And it would just be “Paris me manque.”


BAGS adjectives (beauty, age, good and bad, size) are placed before the noun.

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  1. Kim Bresman says:

    Hi Sophia, I have sent you some photo’s of the 70th Anniversary D-Day celebrations in St Mere Eglisse last weekend. It was amazing! Enjoy.xx Kim Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014 15:32:07 +0000 To:

    1. sophieark says:

      Hi Kim!! thank you so much, its great to hear from you! That would of been incredible, and I have yet to visit Normandie and Bretagne. On my to do list before returning to Australie at the end of my visa. I will check my emails. xxx

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