Mentors who don’t know they’re mentors.

I really want to take the time to thank those people who share their sagacity, contribute to constructive and positive social discourse, and ultimately help contribute to a more critically reflective and creative society. We all contribute in different ways. Society as a whole is better for it….. and I am better for it!

I am especially appreciative of those who offer up their time. People who take the time to be more than a simple listener but demonstrate leadership, deliver feedback, practical advice, direction and support, these people are amazing to say the least.

A busy world is why it means even more when people share their experiences, thoughts, reflections, and views! I would like to extend my love and gratitude to all the people in the world who lead, lean in, give, give back, challenge, inspire, learn, and ultimately contribute to a more informed society in various and unique ways. You’re helping it tick!

Never underestimate the power of interpersonal relationships and sharing of ideas. Create waves.
For some relatability, I’ve inserted this photo of me with Susie O’Neill my ultimate hero and inspiration growing up!


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