Critical Thinking and Self Regulation

I’ve recently read a paper called “Critical thinking: what is it and why it counts” (2013) by Peter Facione (thank you Sydney University). The paper emphasises that critical thinking is not simply implementing cognitive skills and displaying a certain disposition but moreover it is a pervasive philosophy to life. CT is discussed as an ideology on how to view and interact with the world critically not pessimistically but thoughtfully, deliberate and with an inquisitive spirit.

A critical thinker is therefore an independent thinker, which is essential for people who want to further develop, continually grow, understand and develop their mind to further contribute positively and add value to society. Critical thinking is discussed as a skill but also a practice diligently undertaken, put into action.

Daily critical thinking is seeking alternative solutions and examining alternatives, reading widely, investing in yourself and your mind, learning new information, and considering others points of view (diversity!).

Critical thinking is a skill that leads to better decision making and success in life. Facione also mentions that critical thinkers are patient, cautious, resilient, recognise their biases, and have resistance. It would therefore also make sense that critical thinkers are highly emotionally intelligent and good self regulators in order to pursue a question or thought.

It is evident throughout the reading that self regulation as a cognitive skill is essential and highly effective. It is a double check, and a part of double loop learning.

The mix and linkages between emotional intelligence, self regulation, self awareness and critical thinking is incredibly interesting and demonstrates the importance of soft skills.



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