Leaders need vision, energy and insightfulness

After reading the “Why Should Anyone be Led” by You by Robert Goffee and Greth Jones (Harvard Business Review, September, 2000) I was convinced that leaders must have a variety of qualities.

Having energy to inspire your people, innovate to create change. Showing and exposing a human side. Being insightful can help a leader understand the best way to manage the various people in their team to high performing standards of excellence, knowing when to push, and how much to push a person.

The ability to reveal their difference and capitalise on their uniqueness. When I think to leaders I recognise I think of their uniqueness, difference, their courage and ability to naturally draw people to them. A true leader sets an example and precedent that people want to be involved.

Its clear that personal belief and values are important for leadership and successful professionals. Believing in the values of your organisation helps with integrity.

It is important that a leader considers the context and their leading style/behaviour can be adjusted. Having strong emotional intelligence allows leaders to develop their team, work successfully with a team, and innovate. In developing a team it is important to take on board feedback and admit mistakes when they occur, build trust and ultimately build and foster a team that is committed to your vision.


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