About Sophie



Bienvenue. Moi, je m’appelle Sophie Arkinstall. This site is about my professional and personal experiences and sharing those with you.

Some Insight

I am currently studying a Graduate Certificate of Project Management part time. I work full time as a project officer for Springfield Land Corporation in the health, education and smart city division.

I work closely with our partners and various stakeholders to deliver strategic projects and develop initiatives. Some of our partners include Mater Misericordiae Ltd., Aveo Group, various universities, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Genome One, government across all levels, the local hospital and health services, planners, architects, consultants and project managers (e.g., Aurecon).

I enjoy being a part of a dynamic team building a city. My role is particularly focused on the Health City precinct; I have 7 years in the health industry. Recently, I have worked with Aurecon on the Master Plan Design Competition for the remaining land of Health City and Shifting Health by Design.

I love to see business relationships evolve, the environment and infrastructure change and strategic initiatives take shape. I am excited to gain theoretical knowledge through this course to further opportunities in my career for greater involvement in projects and business.  

Personal Attributes

I believe communication is critical in developing relationships and staying on track in a pressured environment. I am dynamic, efficient and enthusiastic to explore opportunities while also working through obstacles.

Je vous remercie.

Bon Courage et allons-y !

– Sophie.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bonjour Sophie.

    I’m afraid that my schoolgirl French has eluded me. Hope things are going well for you. Apologies for not using Francaise. Chris

    1. sophieark says:

      Salut Chris, c’est tellement bien de vous entendre ! :) I hope you are well. I just got back from spending time in Europe, Paris for Christmas and New Years and then Barcelona for a few weeks! Was fantastique. A bientot, Sophie

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