Bonjour et bienvenue to my blog. Moi, je m’appelle Sophie Arkinstall. This was originally my French blog exclusively. Now thought I use this blog as much more. This blog is about French, my professional and personal experiences and sharing those with you.

I lived and worked in France, in Paris and Compiegne. I studied a BTS of Commerce International. I was working in the Paris office of a global French non for profit association in communications and marketing.

To follow and keep up to date with my musings please follow the blog.

Voila Sophie ! includes:

  • professional development posts
  • posts on philosophy
  • French learning resources
  • my own personal entries from my travels to and from Paris
  • various posts relating to all things French.

Mission: To create a learning and experiential narrative. There is a French flavour throughout this blog!

Explore: Don’t hesitate, please have a look around. Use the search button, browse through old posts, click on a tag or one of the pages up the top (Grammaire, Verbs, Phrases, Visitor’s Page).

Stay up to date: Each time a new post is made you can receive an email direct from the blog by submitted your email to SIGN-UP to email alerts. You are able to un-subscribe from email alters whenever you like (but I’m sure you will enjoying it too much to do that!). And yes, yes my blog is Free, of course!

Drop a line: I would love to hear your feedback. Please, s’il vous plait, feel free to leave a comment, rate, like it, tweet it, tumblr and other social media -it.

You are all wonderful. Learning French is a great way to communicate with people from across the world and share your interests and I appreciate your visit.

Web Browser: Please note this website configures best when viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Je vous remercie.

Bon Courage et allons-y !


(t: @sophieark)

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Salut Chris, c’est tellement bien de vous entendre ! :) I hope you are well. I just got back from spending time in Europe, Paris for Christmas and New Years and then Barcelona for a few weeks! Was fantastique. A bientot, Sophie

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